• Branding, Beauty and Beyond

Branding, Beauty and Beyond

$ 65.00

You've been branded! If you ever heard the saying, "Your reputation precedes you," or had someone tell you, "I've heard about you," then you already know the power of branding. As a licensed cosmetologist and known beauty professional, you will spend your career building and protecting your brand. Let me show you how to do just that.

I wrote this book to help you understand that, for good or for bad, each of us is working, playing and living as branded individuals. The good news is you can shape how people see you and build a brand that will help you thrive in this business. 

In this strategy-packed manual, we will pinpoint the traits that make iconic brands like Vidal Sassoon so successful. I will help you identify the habits that could be sabotaging your brand and your cosmetology business.

Success is deliberate. So if you're ready for an in-depth study of the business of beauty, grab this book and let's start building your billion-dollar brand together. 

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