Hands-On Testimonies


K.I.S.S. - "Class was a great uplifting experience for me. This class was very positive in presence and in attitude. I am on a mission to enhance my haircutting skills. This was my start. My very first haircutting on a level I never knew. I feel good about myself for taking this step. I am thankful for having an educator like Naitcole Michele. She shared her knowledge and skills with me and many others. In this short time span, I have learned a lot. The K.I.S.S class was worth everything I put into it. Thank you!”

~S. "Evette"Ross, Orlando FL


Razor Sculpting A-Z - "Razor Sculpting A-Z has gotten me excited about cutting again! Naitcole Michele was very knowledgeable, and I feel she pours so much into me. My career will never be the same!”

~T. Radford, Braselton, GA


Extended Exploration - "The Extended Exploration class was awesome! I'm so happy I sacrificed and came to this 2-day hands-on workshop. I am so "amped" up to build my skills I learned from this class! I can't wait till the next class, K.I.S.S. Naitcole Michele and her fabulous team were so informative, encouraging, energetic and fun. I have received more knowledge and techniques to elevate my gift. Thank you and God bless you!”

~L. Robinson, Jacksonville, FL


Haircut Fundamentals - "Taking Naitcole's class changed my career forever. She is an educator who not only cares but also one who loves what she does. When I requested her help, she created a class just for me. She is patient, knowledgeable and precise. She shared her God-given talent with me and expected nothing but the best from me. I will be forever grateful for her. Take her class--it will change your life. Thank you again!”

~S. Corbett, Atlanta, GA



Salon/Trade Show Testimonies


"Naitcole, without thought, my actions drove me to my computer to send you a letter of thanks. As I walk around I have so much to be thankful for in life. Since I have been your client, you have watched me grow and experience life's rewards and challenges. I am thankful for your inspiration, words of kindness, advice and exposure to strong black women. Your salon is an outlet, and it always seems to bring me back to the most important aspect of life: happiness. You have really been positioned to have a positive impact on people and their lives. Thank you for being a positive influence in my life!"

~E. Ruffin


"It was truly an honor to meet you and your executive assistant at Premiere Orlando today. You have a natural-born talent that literally brought me to tears today...Your work is truly amazing. Please don't ever change your ability to touch the public's heart and hair with your humanity as well as your excellent ability to wheel cutting shears. You were awesome to watch and listen to in class today. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and the techniques to truly be all I can be in this industry!"

~T. Knox