About Owner


Meet Naitcole Michele, master cosmetologist, licensed educator and Founder of Naitcole Michele International School of Education. Branded in the cosmetology industry as “The Shark of Hair”, Naitcole Michele transforms each client with a customized hairstyle that embodies style, fashion, healthy hair and a signature look that truly captures Naitcole Michele’s 20 plus years of skills and techniques. With a passion for creative hairstyling and education, Naitcole Michele has built the Naitcole Michele International brand based on the foundation of education and an experience for clients and licensed stylist. 

Naitcole Michele is a graduate of Dudley’s Cosmetology University at Kernsville and continued the advancement of cosmetology education by earning a Masters in Education in Instructional Training from Empire Beauty Academy and holds a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership from Mercer University, Atlanta, Georgia. Focused on mastering her craft, Naitcole Michele trained at Sassoon Academy and Aveda Advanced Academy. Her education has allowed her to impact the lives of licensed stylists by showcasing her knowledge and skills through platform exhibits, hands-on training classes and cosmetology education consulting.

Her brand was created based on the belief “there’s nothing more rewarding than helping and inspiring others and a satisfied client”. The Naitcole Michele International Brand offers the Bonika Jazzy shears (a partnership with Bonika Shears) and the Naitcole Michele International Advanced Training Academy offers continuing education consulting through cosmetology, instructional hands-on training classes and diverse selection of instructional DVDs for students and licensed stylists. What’s new in the future for Naitcole Michele? Naitcole Michele, has published both Business, Beauty and Beyond as well as Branding, Beauty and Beyond, which reveals secrets and tips for stylists to reach their fullest potential and maximize their return on investment and steps for building a billion dollar brand. Naitcole Michele welcomes you to keep informed on the brand by following her on Twitter @NaitcoleMichel1, Linked in and Facebook at Naticole Michele and Instagram @naitcolemiche.